ANIMALS - Lost and Found

Call CenCom and report the pet missing so we can help return it to the owner. CenCom keeps a log of all the lost and found pets in the Round Lake area to help assist with locating lost animals.

House Watch: Going on vacation?

Have your police department keep an eye on your house for any trouble. Just stop into your Police Department and fill out an AWAY FROM HOME - House Watch form.

Just remember to call when you return to remove your house from the house watch!


Business owners and managers - Is your emergency contact information up-to-date for your business?

Remember to update your police department and CenCom E9-1-1 of all your emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency at your business. CenCom maintains lists of all key-holders for businesses that are in our member agency jurisdiction. If you want to know if yours is accurate please call (847) 270-9111 during normal business hours.